current projects


Original Multi-generational Christmas story. Feature film script. Budget $15 million. A very humorous look at two older women who apparently have it all, yet when a group of mismatched house guests arrive for an impromptu Christmas, this is not your normal family at Christmas film. 

Original Sitcom.  A fun, multi-cultural comedy. This upbeat family sitcom brings unlikely neighbors together in a Southern California neighborhood.

Original Kid's Sitcom. Our Co-Executive Producer wrote this forward-thinking kid's sitcom showing enterprising and talented kids. This is a cooperative effort with a former musical/dance star from one of TV's most successful teen's shows. The pilot script and overview is available for review.  

Original Hour-long Dramedy. This steamy and hilarious dramedy features progressive women who are far from desperate  There is plenty of intrigue, suspense, humor and music to keep audiences captivated. The pilot script, 12 outlined episodes and overview are available. 

"Breakup Comedy Bootcamp" Reality Show. Based upon live events offered by The ultimate guide to recovery from a breakup in a reality show format. 

Hollywood Story. (Working title). Here's the ultimate growing up in Hollywood drama. What happens when a new arrival to Hollywood Blvd. gets involved with the wrong crowd. Overview available for review.

Hollywood Film Project. A fantastic look at a Hollywood film legend and the real truth of this legend's influence and impact on other people's lives. 

Biographical Feature Film Project. Two strong women in history with non-traditional pursuits are bold, entertaining and survivalists in the man's world. 

Sci-Fi Sports Story - A very family-friendly feature film script. 

Online Development Project - An entertainment related commerce site with a twist. Major generic domain name. Currently seeking investors. 

Online Development Project - Online commerce gets a 'punch' with this concept based upon the personal interests of a few of our team professionals. Currently seeking investors. 

We also represent others' project or have options to produce projects. If you are looking for a specific type of project, we may have a script, concept, pitch already prepared or under option. 

Care to share? Let us know if you have a project, or you are interested in becoming part of the team. 

If you are interested in sending us a project, please make sure that it has a U.S. copyright or is WGA registered prior to sending an inquiry. Please give us a brief description of your project/interest and we will get back to you. 

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